“The Demonstration about the price of BBM” makes Indonesia is crying.

Today, I was going to my campus and found most of the students in campus ready to prepare theirself for doing a demonstration.

They would like to do that because of our government have said that the price of BBM like fuels, gases,benzenea, etc…will grow up.

I don’t know exactly, have they read about our government reasons? As we knew, that the fuels, and his friends was grow up not only in Indonesia but also in the world. So, why they didnt realise that it is one way to make our country do not left by another country. Then, they related this case into the political movement. They said that our President and his Vice should be go down from their seats. So, What are their reason for this??

In my mind, there is a group of people that use this situation to make a destroy in my country. So that, everywhere, I could find a demonstration. They blocked the main street, Vice President’s house in Makassar (about this…I knew this reason…because Mr.JK has ever said that the man who didnt agree with the government statement is the man who want to give a great subsidi for the rich men.. so the collegians in this town got angry). Honestly, I agree with his saying (Mr.JK) because (although I am not a rich one but I do not want if the people in our country always depend on the government).

Oh God…My country is crying now…when I am writing this…in outside full of the collegians, they screams to ask for the “BBM” will not grow up while they didnt consider about another activities…there are crowded in the way… I couldn’t take my lunch because the street so crowded..I also couldnt attend our lecturer because they seem to retain us to follow the lecture.]

I remember about one song from John Lennon(if i am not wrong)…that is “the end of the world”. Yeah…this situation like it…

They do not want to think another way to develop our country. They just punish that our President and his Vice got an opportunity from this case. In fact,..if they want to think that our President should be sad caused of this. They want our President will not lead us again…

Hey…Our country is crying…do you still remember when the Semanggi was happened???there were so many people died.. The collegians claimed the government to change the political system but absolutely…they got the same thing in this year…

Why we have to punish a few people. Why we do not grow to combat another problems together by make an unity strong?? Make clean your thinking and be the good person…so that you will get the best result…

I have a word that is ” if you Do the best, you will get the better…and believe that Dream will come true if you believe ALLAh.”

Please…Stop the Demonstration just for an usefull thing. Let we hold our hands together to save our nation from the stupidness. Because the Improving of our country is not depend on the price of BBM but it is depend on the greatness or smartness of the people of our country…

I believe that Indonesia will be better than anothers….Indonesia is a rich country with the culture and smile….Let we face all of the problem with cooling down our mind and keep smile.Okay….

In my mind,


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