Agreeing & Disagreeing in English

Agreeing & Disagreeing in English

Synonyms agree, conform, harmonize, accord, correspond, coincide
These verbs all indicate a compatibility between people or things. Agree may indicate mere lack of incongruity or discord, although it often suggests acceptance of ideas or actions and thus accommodation: We finally agreed on a price for the house.
Conform stresses correspondence in essence or basic characteristics, sometimes as a result of established standards: Students are required to conform to the rules.
Harmonize implies the combination or arrangement of elements in a pleasing whole: The print on the curtains harmonized with the striped sofa.
Accord implies harmony, unity, or consistency, as in essential nature: “The creed [upon which America was founded] was widely seen as both progressive and universalistic: It accorded with the future, and it was open to all” (Everett Carll Ladd).
Correspond refers to similarity in form, nature, function, character, or structure: The Diet in Japan corresponds to the American Congress.
Coincide stresses exact agreement: “His interest happily coincided with his duty” (Edward A. Freeman)


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