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  1. I come from Gowa, it is a district in the south sulawesi. I am a student. I really like to read any books in my leisure time. Surfing on net also one of my interesting to enjoy this life. But, I do not want to leave my duty as a moslem. ALLAH is everything.
    To write my daily activities and my mind on diary or on a piece of paper, make me feel happy.
    I want to be the best, so I have to do the better. And I believe that dreams will come true when you believe also that there is a God.

    • I will say so much to thank ,for the owner blog….and also in friends are here. Even if more to having any beauty blog like it is your property. And even more days to I for stay learning your every day Note…. but is it be a one proper quest for blog web Owner..for to recommend some new the recents or any other notes that it was some of new actual assure to postpone that….in this formerly chapter. that is. sincere as your… a weigh thanks!.

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